How to choose a course?

Confused about choosing the right course for your higher education?

Choosing the right course can be tricky since every course is made up of different aspects like the campus you choose, the subjects covered and the career path it leads to. If you are confused about choosing a field between two prominent fields or if you do not have the slightest idea about what to choose for your higher studies, we can help you make a decision that can change your life. Our counsellors at Solitaire Management inc. will help you weigh all the options in selecting the correct course according to your aptitude and career aspirations along with coordinating the application process for your dream university.

How to find the right course for your future?

The first step to choosing your career path is understanding what your basic interests are. If, for instance, you like programming, then you can choose a course in Computer Science or IT. If you have a penchant for biology, then maybe you could be a future doctor or a career as a nurse or a lab assistant.
List down your interests and skills and reflect upon them. Choose the ones that seem promising enough to be a career choice and eliminate or keep aside the rest that seems like a hobby. Cutting down the list to a short one can help you understand the choices you can make regarding a course that will suit you.

Research your options well

Just because you like a subject doesn't mean you automatically qualify to make that career choice. Vocational fields like engineering and medicine are extensive and students may lose their initial interest and may feel stuck with a hurried decision.
Therefore, research about your course and study field extensively, especially when you are about to study abroad. Look at all the qualifications you require to pursue it and consider any auxiliary qualifications that can help you ease your admission process. This is essentially where we help you understand the areas where you can shine with your aptitude in a chosen field.
We at Solitaire Management inc. make a sincere effort to understand student's goals and help them find the best courses that match their aptitude and career aspirations. You can always walk into your nearest Solitaire Management inc. office for booking a free Counseling session to discuss your options in detail. We would be happy to help you find your dream career and make it a reality.

Selecting a course

Not all study courses can give you the dream life you aspire. It is true that some study fields offer a low pay package while some offer lucrative deals after you finish your course. This depends on the country, university, study subject, and the time taken to complete the course. Therefore, a student must visit each college or university website to understand their offerings, placement options, and other important aspects that can help you find your dream career path. Usually, the duration for a particular course is as under but it can change according to a university, country, or college.



Undergraduate Degree

3 years

Master's Degree

1-2 years

Postgraduate Certificate

6 months


4 years

Study preferences

Many students are not aware of this aspect when it comes to studying in a foreign university. Students can choose a convenient teaching methodology that suits their study style. For instance, some of the universities offer a hands-on training method instead of traditional classroom training. This may seem insignificant at first but with the current changes that the global industrial landscape is facing, such minor aspects of a study course do affect the position you might enrol into after your course.
This also helps to narrow down your selection to the relevant colleges that offer your preferred course across foreign universities.

Is the course affordable?

Tuition fee is not a minor aspect for a student studying abroad. Knowing how much a course cost helps you understand how affordable your education will be. If you feel that your desired course is expensive then find out whether there are scholarships available to cover your tuition. Having a scholarship is one way to cut down your study expenses and bring down the cost of your studies considerably. Your Solitaire Management inc. counsellor can help understand the practicalities of a course, when to apply for it, and the type of scholarships that you can avail of depending on the country of your choice. For a one-on-one consultation, book an appointment today to extensively explore your study course in detail with Solitaire Management inc..