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Solitaire Management inc. helps you every step of the way- starting from test preparation to finding
the right universities and applying for a visa. With our experience and 750+ strong university network,
getting into your dream college is super easy!

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6 Simple Steps to alter your dreams into reality..

Find the right course
It's important to know what you are interested in, and what course you want to study. By asking yourself now, you can find out the accurate path you want your course to take you on.
Plan your country
Next to where in the world would you love to live for a few years? Where you can learn a new language and a new culture, make new friends, and experience a different way of life. And if you're happy in your life, you'll be happy in your studies.
Submit the request
Once you decide on a course and place, create your profile, pay the fee, and submit all of the required certificates.
Get Acquired
Once your request is submitted, it is evaluated by the institutions. If you're selected into the program, you will get an acceptance letter within a couple of days.
Visa Process
The visa process can be a bit difficult, but we're here to help! Solitaire Management inc. team of authorities will provide you all directions to make sure you have the best opportunity of getting your student visa.
Flyover to dreams
Once you've got accepted and get a student visa, schedule your flight and start your educational journey abroad!

The fastest, most convenient way to study abroad

Get complete help- from start to finish

Starting from test preparation to finding the right universities and applying for a visa- Solitaire Management inc. will support you every step of the way!

Enjoy a fast and smooth application process

No more slow progress- with Solitaire Management inc., you get automated tools for communication and faster turnaround times. Plus, get access to application tracking so you're always in the loop!

Access a network of 750+ Universities.

No matter what your dream destination and course is- you can reach it with Solitaire Management inc.! Get to choose from thousands of courses at hundreds of universities across 10+ countries.

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